Shay Laren Shoots to Kill in Black Leather and Fishnets

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dishy hot brunette Shay Laren is one dangerous woman in black leather and fishnet stockings. She packs a couple of guns that aren’t nearly as lethal as her stunning titties. This luscious vixen can clearly handle herself in any situation and, with deadly aim, she shoots to kill. She bares those titties just to distract you from the fact that this woman could be bad for your health.

She looks so good, it is easy not to care about that. Shay Laren might be the last experience you have in life, but you’ll go out with a smile no undertaker will ever remove!

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Shay Laren Tugs Boobs Out of Vintage Lingerie

Friday, May 2, 2014

Beautiful blonde porn hottie Shay Laren is looking romantic and alluring in pink vintage lingerie. The lacy garment emphasizes her slender stomach, spectacular boobs, and juicy ass. As she strips it off, she reveals her pale, flawless skin and you can see that it would feel like heaven to touch.

Her pussy has just a touch of hair and when she spreads her legs, you’d love to slide a finger or your tongue into her warmth. Shay Laren loves to soak up the sun when she’s naked. This dishy babe is primed and ready, all she needs is your fabulous cock!

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Shay Laren Slips Off White Lingerie Before Sliding Fingers Into Her Slit

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dishy blonde beauty Shay Laren looks like an old fashioned pin-up girl in her white bikini lingerie. The stunning blonde is both sensuous and glamorous as she slips her clothing off to show off her naked body.

This is the kind of babe you can’t help but want and Shay Laren counts on that as she squats and spreads her legs and squeezing her fine titties together. She loves the thought of you stroking yourself while you watch her play with her pussy and as she spreads her cunt lips wide and pulls her pubic hair, she imagines you spurting your load all over!

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Shay Laren Shows Off Christmas Spirit in Red Lingerie and Stockings

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shay Laren has always been a fan of Christmas and she shows off that holiday spirit in bright red lingerie and thigh high stockings. This juicy brunette seductress loves to heat you up for the holidays by stripping naked. She knows that there are no treats as sweet as her succulent titties and juicy pussy.

This vixen is hot and ready and she melts in your mouth when you use your tongue on her. She’ll even gift wrap that pussy in a nice green box! Shay Laren is the only treat you need under your tree this holiday season! She’ll be sure and give you your jollies!

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Shay Laren Blonde Porn Babe Strips Down to Rub Pussy

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sexy little blonde Shay Laren is looking super hot in black panties and bustier. Her slender physique is total temptation, even when the beautiful babe is just standing still. But when she slips off her top and bares those pretty little tits, she’s boner inducing all the way.

Slipping her panties down, the fair-haired temptress wastes no time getting naked. She’s horny and ready for action! She sits back, spreads her legs, and slides her finger up her slit. Shay Laren is ready to cum and she’s got all the masturbation talents she needs to make it happen over and over again!

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Shay Laren is Hot Pin-up Model in Black Lingerie

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blond and beautiful with a look of old Hollywood glamor girl, beautiful Shay Laren brings back memories of a time forgotten when dirty, nasty movie stars indulged their darkest fantasies behind closed doors and to the fullest extent. Her pretty black teddy begs to have the straps slipped over her toned, sweet shoulders and when her ivory, pink-tipped tits are finally exposed, they are a delightful blend with the cotton-candy satin sheets.

Heels in the air with her lovely shaved pussy exposed gives naked babe Shay Laren the total picture of precious Marilyn Monroe fuckability with just a bit of dirty girl thrown in for spice.

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Shay Laren Shows Off Stacked Body in Red Lingerie

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Decadently beautiful Shay Laren is looking incredible in red lingerie. The sheer lacy fabric looks amazing against her pale skin and her curves are aching to be set free. She tosses her long wavy brown hair and smiles mischievously into the camera, knowing she’s making your cock ache for more.

She gets down on her knees and leans forward, allowing you to feast your eyes on her deep cleavage. Then Shay Laren slips off her bra and her beautiful naked breasts are round and perfect. She isn’t quite finished teasing you yet, though, and turns her back so her fine firm ass is all you can see.

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Shay Laren Strips Naked From Crochet and Lace Lingerie

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beautiful brunette porn hottie Shay Laren has her fine body adorned in lace panties, black bra, and a loose crocheted cover garment. Her brown hair frames her face of exquisite beauty. Her long supple legs and fine ass invite your touch. She turns around after removing the crochet and black bra, her breasts naked and beautiful.

Her long bangled necklace hangs between her pale globes down to her lace panties. Soon the panties are off too, and Shay Laren rests where she can spread her legs and touch her pussy. It turns her on when she plays dress-up and her ultimate reward is to cum for you!

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Shay Laren Plays the Naughty Housewife in Kitchen Striptease

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shay Laren is looking delicious in her bright red dress. The sexy housewife is out in the kitchen getting drunk and working herself up into a frenzy of sexual desire. She soon slips that dress off and stands around in her sensuous black underwear, touching herself as her cunt gets wet. She has made this kitchen hot with her cooking on many occasions, but tonight, it’s all about the orgasms.

Shay Laren strips off her underwear and gets naked, sliding her fingers between her juicy pussy lips right where she needs them the most! Things are about to get really juicy – so grab a drink and stick around!

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Shay Laren Flashes Succulent Tits And Pink Pussy

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beautiful brunette babe Shay Laren is looking spicy and hot in black lingerie. Her lacy bra barely contains her ample titties and she has no panties on under her garter belt. With thigh high stockings on her long legs to complete the look, this babe is an image right out of your hot wet dreams.

It gets even better when she bares those titties and spreads her legs. Shay Laren wants you to want her. She wants you to fuck her. She wants you to stroke your cock and fantasize about how good her body would feel while you make yourself cum!

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Shay Laren Strips and Spreads Pussy in Public Restroom

Monday, July 8, 2013

When you took smoking hot Shay Laren out on a date, you felt lucky to be out with a bonafide babe. Her long brunette hair, sultry eyes, and knock-out body combined with a killer smile that can rip your heart out – this vixen is everything and then a bag of chips.

Suddenly your beautiful princess is dragging you off to the restroom, locking the door, and baring her naked body for you. She can’t wait for later – she wants you to take her, right here and right now. Turns out, Shay Laren is a very naughty girl and this is the best night of your life!

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Shay Laren Strips Naked For Naughty Poolside Action

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Delicious brunette pornstar Shay Laren is enjoying a day by the pool. She’s wearing striped shorts and a polka dot bra, and the colorful babe is trying to cool herself off with a fan. The day is just too hot for that, however, so soon she lowers her bra, hoping that her bare titties will help her cool off.

This dishy babe is just too sexy, though, and even if she feels cooler, everyone watching her gets hotter. She slips off her shorts and bends over, inviting you to find refreshment in her juicy pussy. Shay Laren wants to dive right in and enjoy that amazing moisture!

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Shay Laren Official Site

Friday, April 12, 2013

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Shay Laren Wants To Work in the Garden

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shay Laren is kind of an outdoor girl and today she wants to have fun working in the garden. She is wearing her favorite flowered garden dress to show you just how serious she is about doing some planting.

Of course, when Shay Laren says she wants to get dirty and plant some things, she could just as easily mean she wants to plant some kisses on your giant cock, or wants you to plant some licks on her sweet nipples, or even to plant your big tool inside her warm nesting spot. But with a woman who looks as good as Shay Laren, that kind of planting would probably be even better for a strong man like you. So grab some tools and get busy. Shay Laren is ready to go.

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Shay Laren Shows Off Her Sensual Side

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Always beautiful Shay Laren looks absolutely stunning in these photos from Babes. She’s sweet, sensual, and very alluring as she slips out of her bra and panties. The babe blue of her lingerie looks so soft against her flawless skin and as both pieces slip to the floor, there’s nothing more than the bare flesh of this work of art before you.

She sweeps her loosely curled brunette locks over her shoulder, letting them cascade down her back as she squeezes her big plush breasts together. She makes things a little saucier as she gets onto her knees and bares her pussy. Those sweet pink lips spread open by her nimble fingers.

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Shay Laren is Hippy Sexy in Blue Bikini

Monday, August 13, 2012

The way she is dressed, Shay Laren looks like she could be burning some incense and all laid up on a hippy farm. She looks like a natural girl who would know all kinds of secrets about sex and how to do all kinds of mysterious things to a man.

She freely shares her body too, first removing her bra to show hot, sexy titties that set your mouth to watering – and then teasing you with those breasts. She loves knowing how much you want your hands on them. When she opens her cunt for you, showing you her pretty pink fuckhole, it is an absolute invitation, welcoming your cock inside a warm and special place where it will be caressed and appreciated.

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Shay Laren Is One Hot Pin-Up Girl

Monday, July 30, 2012

When Shay Laren styles her hair like this, she looks just like a sultry old-fashioned pin up girl. The briefs and halter top she is wearing only enhance the effect. Then she slides her breasts out of her halter and the innocence of the past gives way to the horniness of the present.

Still, she covers them demurely with her hands while she crouches and spreads her legs wide for you. Soon she can’t resist the temptation to rip all the clothes off, lie back, and give herself some much-needed pleasure.

She loves playing with her pussy lips, spreading them wide and stroking her soft pink slit and clit until the pleasure courses through her entire body. She loves knowing that you are looking at her and if you want to know where she wants your cock, she’s happy to show you.

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Shay Laren is Feeling Sexy in Polka Dotted Lingerie

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty Shay Laren is looking quite delicious in her pretty polka dot lingerie – a sexy deep bra and little shorty g-string flippy skirt. The clothing hugs her in all the right places, showing off her curves perfectly.

She loves kneeling for you and bending forward just enough to give you a nice cleavage shot, hoping you enjoy the view. Then she turns around so you can see her luscious ass topped by a tramp stamp as she lowers her bra, baring her natural breasts. Soon she has slid out of the the g-string and skirt and is laying back completely naked just for you.

What you do at this point is up to you? Anything special, maybe hard and throbbing, come to mind?

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Shay Laren in Pretty Panties and Glasses

Friday, June 1, 2012

We love the fun look of sexy Shay Laren in these images. Her large glasses paired with purple bra, hot pink panties, and interesting stockings create a unique appearance, but only add to her incredible sex appeal.

Shay strips her luscious tits loose and then her sweet cooch too.She climbs up onto a chair by the window and puts her fingers where you wish your cock could go.

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Shay Laren Strips in the Shadows

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Patterns of light and shadow play off of the beautiful exposed flesh of busty Shay Laren as she strips naked on the patio.

Shay plays with her pointed nipples and soft breasts while her pretty pussy is also exposed. A beauty like Shay proves that there is no need for clothes. Nature made her too incredible to not share.

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